- 20th February - 8:00pm : Welcome to KIMS Hospital - By Louisa Coomber.
- 20th March - 8:00pm : Hollingbourne Meadows Trust - By Shaun Cardwell & Ben Williams.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Races

We held our seventh annual Pancake Races on Shrove Tuesday (28th February). The races were held on the Lance Memorial playing field and started at 1:30pm.
 The event opened with W.I’s ladies walking race and was won by Mary Henderson.
 And then came the running race, which was won by Jane Orgill (Pictured below)
 These were quickly followed by the pre and primary school children’s races.
 There was a separate race for each year, concluding with the teachers, mums and then the dads.
 Pictured below is Mrs. Nurden who is a teacher at the school.
In total there were 22 pancake races. Rosettes were presented to all the winners. Hot cross buns and drinks were served in the Cardwell Pavilion.
 The entire event was recorded by Meridian News...
But unfortunately we hardly had a mention in the evening news, just a brief reference to Hollingbourne and a 10 second video clip!