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- 16th October - 8:00pm : ‘Fire Safety in Your Home’ - By Melanie Quinn.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Japanese patchwork craft - get together and learn.

Having learned how to make  Japanese folded patchwork,  at a West Kent Day School, 
 (see previous Blog)
It was time for Margaret to pass on the skill.
 spent a happy two hours,  cutting,  ironing and stitching.  
It is a good craft, one square can become a coaster,  a Christmas decoration or a Christmas Card,  
5 can become a square box, and  12 - 16 can become a cushion cover. 

 Each of the seven chose a different central fabric and these were the results.  
 Members went home with the fabric to create their own masterpiece.  - 
One among us suggested making a kingsize bed cover - 
I imagine this was idle chatter rather than a definite plan, but who knows - we shall see. 

Friday, 18 October 2013


One of the WI's aims is to provide education/training for its members.
Today FRANK, provided First Aid Training to Preserve Life, Prevent the Condition Worsening and Promote Recovery.   - i.e. Initial assistance to a casualty for sudden illness. The most important point being to ring 999 or 112 for  paramedic.
 A Brief look at the heart and then on to  interesting facts. -

1.  After Heart attack and Stoke, Peanuts are the third most prominent Killer in the UK.
   they can get stuck in the throat and you choke, ( and those eaten from a bar saucer are probably full of germs)

2. For items stuck in the throat - administer
a) 5 back slaps  b) 5 abdominal Thrusts  at the base of the ribs, holding from behind.
do this up to three times and the 0bstruction should move.
c) If the person becomes unconscious don't worry,  they will stop coughing, and begin breathing

3. If you discover a person  unconscious . remember  D R A B C
a) D- Danger - have they been gassed, electrocuted etc - there may be danger to you (a helper)
   tap them with the back of your hand (you will not be electrocuted)to find out if they are conscious
b) R - Response - talk to them, are they replying?
c) A - Airways - Lift chin to move head back and clear airway. Is there an obstruction?
d) B -  Breathing?  Place hand flat on the stomach to see if it rises and falls.
e) C - Circulation

If a person is unconscious and breathing put them in the Recovery Position - Val is doing this by Placing the hand nearest to her on the floor above the head. Lifting the furthest knee. Placing the furthest hand beside the head on the nearest side.
 Then Val easily rolls the person towards the full Recovery position - the back should be felt for damage, and blood stains and if none they can be left to come to while watching over them.
When the person is NOT breathing
Having checked the airways for obstructions, the nose is squeezed, and the mouth blown in twice.
Pressure is applied to the heart -( Halfway between the nipples)
Press down firmly 15 times with one hand above the other. (to the timing of Nellie the elephant)
This can be repeated i.e. 2 breaths, 15 presses, until the patient breathes.

So make sure you collapse in front of a local  Trained WI Member!!!

If you want to join in such a class, contact us and we can put you in touch with Frank.