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- 16th October - 8:00pm : ‘Fire Safety in Your Home’ - By Melanie Quinn.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

90th Anniversary here at last.

Our 90th Birthday party was by invitation only to thank those who had aided and assisted us through the years, and also to welcome past Presidents.  First we enjoyed singing Jerusaem together.
We were to be entertained by the Pearly King and Queen, so Members had dressed suitably. 
The 'Top Table'  left to right - Sheila Fitzgerald (Northdowns District Treasurer)
Janice Butler  (President Hollingbourne WI)  Sheila Miles (West Kent County Chairman) Mary Henderson (Vice President) and Christine Graham (West Kent Executive committee)
Jenny Cox and Rosemary  Pollock - Hats and Pearls at the ready
Joyce Riggall had a stylish display of  flowers made from pearl buttons on her lapels and Betty Smith looked ready to party. 
Joyce Walker sported buttoned lapels and a Pork pie hat. 
Ralph Baldock, Hollingbourne School Headmaster had come straight from school in his School uniform,  but had added a decorated  pearly hat. 
celebratory wines and soft drinks were quaffed
and members and guests got to know one another better. 
Hilary Lucette had decorated her jacket with Hollingbourne 90
and Jane Orgill  had added the date
Mary Henderson's waistcoat and hat were a sight to be seen 
and Jane Orgill,  Val Williams and the County Chairman Sheila Miles caught up with the gossip
Small tables had a mix of members -  Jane Deaves, Penny Smith and Sue Woodhouse with guests Ben Williams who helped us with our 90th Tree in Hollingbourne Meadows, and Roger Graynoth who had in 1999. made and donated a case for our Wallhanging which is still on display in the village Hall.   As you can see all faces are smiling  in anticipation....HOWEVER
it seemed once the Fish and chips had arrived, it was down to the serious business oF EATING.
more guests -also very serious while eating. Guests Alan, Moray and Jim had helped us in the past.
but Inge Hack a Past president  was enjoying herself.
all remarked how good  the Fish and chips were, including Peter a past helper and  
Marjorie Noar a past president.
Top table was no exception with Val Williams in her enormous hat really enjoying it. 
The Pearly King started his rounds chatting to all in turn
No one had realised that Alan Williams was a magnet for women of a certain age, so we were surprised when the Pearly Queen grabbed hold of him.  However it was because he knew the words of every song  - and not his handsome physique. 
the King and Queen  Royally entertained us
with a final chorus of LAND OF HOPE AND GLORY,  with much swaying and handwaving by all. 

We finished of with a piece of Cake and a glass of bubbly.
The two cakes had been made by Jean Talboys and Penny Smith, and fantastically iced, (tongue in cheek) with a pot of Jam on the left and a Jerusalem song sheet on the right. 

A wonderful evening to celebrate 90 years of Inspiring Women in Hollingbourne WI. 
Why don't you help us, to make it to 100years, by joining and swelling our numbers!

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Our tree to celebrate 90 years of WI in Hollingbourne

 On Sunday Morning, 11th October we dedicated the tree we had bought to commemorate our 90 years in Hollingbourne.  Janice Butler our President reminded us that it had been in the Mission Hall, on a site now known as The Pavings, and also who and where the first President had lived.
Jean Talboys, cut the ribbon, and part two of our celebrations was now achieved.
The tree can be found in Hollingbourne Meadows - an area saved for the village where anyone can walk, sit, and just enjoy the countryside. The plaque  will now be permanently on display in front of our tree - a WHITEBEAM -, commemorating not only our WI, but the 100 years that the Women's Institute has been running in  Great Britain.
 Those members who could make it, joined together at the tree, and those not so able, found friends to propel them along.    Edna's additional help was from her dog, who dragged her along.

You will find the Meadows either by turning down Culpepper Close, opposite the school, and turning right through the railway arch; or taking the wide footpath on the left of Hasteds.   A circular walk of the Meadows taking in Culpeper Close and Hasteds will only take about half an hour, but if you are enjoying it, please take much longer.  Many thanks to the Members of the Meadows Trust for arranging the Tree, its plaque and its ribbons!

Part 3 of our Celebration takes place in 10 days time, in the Village Hall.  - more to follow.