- 18th September - 8:00pm : ‘The Abel Label’ - By Katie Ellis.
- 16th October - 8:00pm : ‘Fire Safety in Your Home’ - By Melanie Quinn.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

FUTURE EVENTS in May (and pictures from April)

10th May 10.30am - DISTRICT WALK Hook and Hatchet Car Park, Hucking
Bring your Walking Boots, dogs and partners for a 3 mile walk on the flat with no stiles, and then repair to the Pub for what ever takes your fancy.
Ring Janette Carlton on 01622 738148 if you have any queries

18th May 7.30 HOLLINGBOURNE WI MEETING at the Village Hall.
We start with a short information talk about HI Kent - (for the Hearing Impaired) which will continue as a Hearing Aid workshop in the Committee room
Then our Annual Meeting when we will elect a new Committee, and President. and finally we shall discuss our NATIONAL RESOLUTION on the Mandatory Clear and accurate labeling of food with the Country of Origin.

Please come along if you are interested, you might enjoy it, and we should be glad to see you.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Bluebells and Cream.(District walk)

Sadie in control - it may not look like a footpath but apparently it is!

The Halfway Point where the two groups met.

Primroses and Bluebells

Sadie Curtis from Leeds led our District Walk in April. 40 of us including 2 men and 3 dogs walked a circular route from Leeds Church, via Leeds Castle and Kingswood. There were carpets of bluebells, primroses, anemonies and violets, and everywhere the new green leaves on the hedgerows and trees. Most of us repaired to the George Pub for a cream team - a fitting end to a lovely afternoon.

Visit to Staplehurst Nurseries April 2010

The Begonia House with Jean Talboys

The Geranium House

Begonias, Geraniums, chrysanthemums, etc etc.
Our specially arranged private visit to Staplehurst Nurseries taught us all about the propogation of plants whose life started in Africa as a small seed or cutting, via Holland, to Staplehurst for potting on and up.
Then, regulated hours of light (up to 18 per day) and dark ( as few as 6 hours a day) Finally the fabulous result, a colourful healthy mass of colour.
We couldn't resist the opportunity to buy, and there will be plenty of beautiful bedding and pot plants for you when you visit. (Clapper lane, Staplehurst.)

Quiz - pictures and results- were you there?

The Hall was packed!

The winning team with a bottle of wine each as a prize

Our quiz was highly success full - everyone participating with enthusiasm, and in good voice! The teams were named after Comedians and two teams tied with the same number of points - Norman Wisdom and Russ Abbott. After a testing question on the length of the Andes, THE WINNERS WERE - RUSS ABBOTT i.e. The Short Mat Bowls Club

Final scores were -
100 - Norman Wisdom and Russ Abbott
99 - Ronnie Barker
97 - Tommy Cooper
96 - Benny Hill
95 - Dawn French
93 - Jim Davison
92 - Joe Pasquale and Ken Dodd
88 - Bob Hope
83 - Bob Monkhouse
80 - Ronnie Corbett
74 - Dick Emery

By the way, even though you may think that these are the ages of some of the comedians, unfortunately some of them have already passed on to the comedy club in the sky.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Welcome to the new WI Blog

Tuesday 20th April 7.30 pm.
WI Meeting in Hollingbourne Village Hall. Our speaker is Helen Allison well known Historian and Author who will speak on Everyday Life in a Kentish Victorian Village. Everyone knew their place from the Vicar to the farm labourer - find our where you would have fitted in! There will be a competition for 'favourite picture of Hollingbourne' - we know there will be photographs, postcards and watercolours. Everyone is welcome at 7.45 and there will be a cup of tea or coffee and a piece of Victoria Sandwich for all.

QUIZ Saturday 24th April 7.30pm Village Hall
You do not need to be brainy to enjoy this evening, just come along and have fun. Make up a table of 8 or come on your own and we will find you a table to join.
£4 each including dips and nibbles, but please bring your own drinks. There will be prizes for the winners and a consolation token for the losers plus a really good raffle. 01622 880433

WALK 26th April 2pm. - District Walk - Join other WI's in a Bluebell Walk, starting at Leeds Church Car Park - 3 miles through Kingswood and Leeds Castle (free Footpaths) It's too late to book the cream tea that was on offer at the pub, but you can get a drink in the pub after your exertions.

VISIT TO STAPLEHURST NURSERIES 27th April Leaving the village
Will we be taken around the nurseries, seeing all that they are growing for Spring. We will have time to buy plants and seeds and lifts in members cars available 01622880433

WALK 10th May - 10.30 am District Walk from the Hook and Hatchet Hucking followed by a drink 3 miles flat walk with no stiles.

WI Meeting 18th May 7.30
HI KENT (Hearing Impaired) If you are deaf or hard of hearing Jill Townsend from HIKENT will be starting our MAY meeting by explaining how they can help you, followed by a FREE HEARING AID CLINIC held by her colleague Rachel Highstead who lives in the village. The meeting will then continue, when we shall be electing a new Committee and possibly a new President. We then will be discussing this year's national Resolution - 'The mandatory clear labelling of food with true country of origin'. This will be discussed in every WI meeting in the Country, so that every member will have a vote on whether or not to agree this.

EVERY MONDAY - Fitness Class Leeds Village Hall 10.30 - 11.30am
Anyone can come, though so far it has only been ladies. The class involves a low impact warm up, followed by progressive exercises using the joints of the body. Some floor work, a lively dance and cool down. 01622 880497

The next post will be in May.