- 18th September - 8:00pm : ‘The Abel Label’ - By Katie Ellis.
- 16th October - 8:00pm : ‘Fire Safety in Your Home’ - By Melanie Quinn.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

UK's largest Heronry

On 28th April we joined High Halstow WI for a walk to their local RSPB Nature reserve - Northward Hill Nature Reserve (ME3 8DS).  As you can see the skies were grey on the April Day - however we did not get too wet.  We were taken around the site by the Warden and volunteer warden. 

The warden  explained the geography, and then identified birds by their songs as we went around- Nightingales, Blackcaps and sedge warblers.
This Heronry has over 100 breeding pairs  and is the biggest in the UK
We were taken into the woods -full of bluebells at this time of the year -an area forbidden unless with a warden.  There are also 100 pairs of little egrets  -white with an upstanding tuft on their head and saw saw a dozen or so in the low trees.
The rooks were making a lot of noise - in the evenings enormous flocks return from their scavenging across Kent in their thousands making a great display. The vast number of Rooks  have however moved the Herons  to trees further away from the view point though we could still see them with binoculars.
Finally we repaired to the local hostelry, The Horseshoe and Castle at Cooling for an arranged lunch.  Some then visited the Parish Church were we had heard the bell ringers at practice earlier.  We have met High Halstow members before, when competing in a Darts competition in the Sugar loaves in Hollingbourne, and they have also visited out Safari Market - their WI is a similar size to ours and we all get on well together. 

This reserve is very peaceful and full of birdsong.  You take the Exit No1 from the M2, in the direction of Grain, then High Halstow,   and if you want to visit click on this  website

Friday, 27 April 2012

A Taste of India

West Kent Federation organised a TASTE OF INDIA evening in Sevenoaks.
Four of us enjoyed a fantastic evening where our speaker was Sir Nicholas Fenn who was  British High Commissioner for India from 1991 - 1996. The essence of his talk was that India is larger than the European Union and three times the population.  It is easy to recognise, but difficulty to define.  It has Millions of people in poverty and yet a larger middle class than the USA.  Although illiteracy is at 50%, and 5% are crippled or blind - there ARE glories in India.  The Supreme Court is uncorrupt, The Indian Commission for human rights, the contempt of the public for corrupt politicians and the army, which stands aside from politics.   
With the help of colourful slides Sir Nicholas explained the kaleidoscope that is India.
He was no bumbling civil servant - he knew exactly what his job was and how he should do it.  He had worked in the Diplomatic Service for 37 years in Rangoon, Algiers, New York, Peking, Rhodesia and Dublin.  During the break he chatted to the audience and reminisced with our Jane Deaves who had lived longer in India that he had . (She was born and lived there for 10 years )   He also chatted to Val Williams about Algiers where they had both worked  and the many factions that were represented at that time.

We were entertained by three whirling Indian dancers - we rather fancied ourselves in the  trousers with bells on,  but could not have kept up with the speed they achieved.
Savoury Indian Food was served - Tasty bhaji, samosa and pakora -  but  anxious to taste them,  I  ate mine up quickly forgetting to photograph them  - When I went to look for more these were all that was left.

A thoroughly good evening - well worth going.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

We are Certified

No - not for the Madhouse -
But for Basic Food Hygiene.

Having catered for a few events over the years, 
we thought it about time that we received some formal training 
and four of us undertook a Basic Food Hygiene Course last month, 
and we have the certificates to prove it!

Next we hope to do a Health and Safety Course, 
so if anyone would like to join in this training 
please contact the usual number 01622880433

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Annual Quiz - results 2012

Our Olympic themed Quiz night was a great success with 13 teams 
vying with each other to win the title.   
As usual the Question Master was  'the lovely' Rita Moon, aided by members of the WI who were  runners , scorers, food warmer uppers  and raffle ticket sellers.
 Rita in command - it was heads down and concentrate!
 At the end there were two teams drawing for the booby prize,
 but after a tie breaker the wooden spoons were won by Alan Williams' team - the Sailing Team
suitably looking down in the mouth, with all their energy drained.
 There were also two teams drawing in first place, and after a knock out the winners were 
The Henderson's - Gymnastic Team with joy in their faces and a bottle in their hands
The winning team also were awarded olympic medals to take home

See you next year!!