- 20th March - 8:00pm : Hollingbourne Meadows Trust - By Shaun Cardwell & Ben Williams.
- 17th April - 8:00pm : 'Blackthorn Lyres' - By Agnes Reynolds.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Boxley Hand Bells

We had a great evening in January 2013,  
Sylvia Coomber the leader of Boxley Handbells came with 11 ringers 

and their dog Toby , who behaved impeccably 

Some ringers even had to play 3 bells.  They played a good selection of tunes which were all recognisable and some we even sung along with.
Finally after tuition and a tutor at our sides
it was over to us!

Adriana and Jean soon got into the swing of it - in this picture the bells are at rest - note the gloves.

Here Margaret and Val's bells  are 'ringing' as they are flicked down with the wrist, somehow Margaret was expected to use two - Maybe because she kept asking questions all through the demonstration. 

They play at Boxley Church it would be worth going to hear them