11 OCTOBER 2015 -
Hollingbourne WI 90 years old today.
To Celebrate, we are a having a commemorative tree in Hollingbourne Meadows . This will be unveiled at 11 am Sunday 11th October. Anybody who is interested is cordially invited.
It also celebrates the National Federation of Women's Institutes 100 years in 2015.
There will also be a Party later this month (by invitation only - Sorry.)

Monday, 28 September 2015


We took a short car trip up to the Isle of Sheppey this week, for a good old fashioned Musical Hall. 
Before we took our seats there was a very interesting Museum covering the history of 'Blue Town', and its links to the sea, and also the cradle of aviation in UK.
 Singers, dancers, comedians and a Master of Ceremonies-

Halftime -  a cream tea,  with Bone china cups and saucers.
Second half was just as good. The 5 members of the cast, plus a fantastic pianist Carol Anne Wells whom moved the whole thing along at great pace.   It is well worth trying to see one of the shows which run 22nd September 2015 - 29th October 2015, and 5 April 2016 to 12 March 2016
Criterion Victorian Music Hall -telephone 01795662981

Northdowns District afternoon to celebrate 100 years of WI in the UK

It seems that a good tea at any WI event is essential
and we were moving with the times 
- interesting and tasty filled wraps
A two tiered cake stand with a good choice of fairy cakes. -
Jean,  Penny and Jane enjoying the fare.
There was a welcome visit from Mary (Ex President of Stockbury WI, and ex County Chairman,) now living in Wales with her children's family. - and she was wearing a HAT as many others were.
There were two interesting quiz sheets, which Hollingbourne Members 
managed to complete (Oh, well nearly ).   Memorabilia, and a view of  the box pictures each institute had made earlier this year were on display. 
It was good to get together with members from the other 8 institutes in our District once again. 
- next time will be at the Carol service in December (doesn't time fly) 

Finally there was a cake,  and a drink of Brut Cava to toast the 100 years. 

2015 SAFARI MARKET - our 7th year.

It was a gloomy start to Saturday, but we were full of hope for a fine day. 
Jim and Derek had been working hard  putting  up the Gazebos for those on the field-
NOT WI members but Jim at least, is a WISH -  'WI Supportive Husband.' 
The £1 Pavilion was full of all kinds of bargains - including two sets of Golf Clubs!
Also there, the Hot Bacon and Sausage filled rolls filled the air with fantastic smells. and brought people in to sample them, with a nice cup of tea on the side. 

Our cake stall provided delicious cakes to eat on site, and also large cakes to buy,
take home and eat in comfort.  
 It was publishing day for our New 90 year RECIPE BOOK  and many took the chance to discover lovely recipes and details of our history and  our members.  It is now available on a daily basis in Christopher's village shop £4 a copy - good for Christmas presents and a momentoe of Hollingbourne.

The Sun came out and it was soon on with the show, buyers were buzzing up and down the road
Three stalls in Tilefields.
Edna had a good selection of Jams, picked and chutneys to suit all tastes. 
Muskett Green, was a grassy spot with two stalls to enjoy.  It was good to see our old friends from previous years, enjoying the village and the day - and we hope to see them again next time.
Thanks to all our Members who did all the necessary jobs with a smile on their faces.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Centenary Follies = West Kent Federation celebrating 100 years of WI in Britain.

All WI's in West Kent were asked to  'do a turn' for this event held in the large hall at Ditton Kent. As usual Hollingbourne decided to put forward an 'Act'
Ably choreographed and coached over many months by our Mary Henderson - this was our team
plus of course many umbrellas  - and  our music was 'Singing in the Rain'
We practiced in the village hall, with a good line up
This is the finale.
Of course the actual event in Ditton saw us on the stage - and again - Don't we look good!
We were the opening Act.  - Umbrellas up- left and right
to the side, with a partner
Splashing in puddles
We all remembered the sequence of events - except Margaret's umbrella, which refused to close at 
a crucial moment. In the end she had to squash it closed with both hands, and kept it firmly under control in the closed position for the rest of the dance.

this was followed by sketches, poems, reminiscences,  etc ; LINE DANCING - Nashenden
The Swinging Sisters- Matfield - as you can see the bald heads were not WI Members, but WI husbands who had come along and really enjoyed the evening. 
Horsmonden -Four girls bright and beautiful looking for a Man-
One of these 4  very different 'girls' would appeal to any man surely?
At the end the  The Farleighs choir sang and we all joined in and sang Jerusalem and Land of Hope and Glory (coincidently it was the Last Night of the Proms) and we waved flags and the committee did a 'walk down' in a cross over pattern.

this was the event of the night.  The Farleighs - 4 ample ladies dressed in colourful victorian swimming costumes entertained us with crawl, backstroke, legs in the air, (one nearly drowned) 
It was so good and so funny that unfortunately I forgot to take pictures.

However - trolling the Internet I came across the photo below of 3 WI Presidents who took part in a Dry Synchronised swimming event earlier this month of 100 ladies, to celebrate the 100 years of WI
Jag Picknett of Bingley, Fiz Pimperton of Saltaire and Sara Mogford of Baildon.
Now you know NOT ALL WI LADIES have passed retirement age!

see  13632529 28.8.15

Saturday, 5 September 2015


This is a post script to our earlier post of  'A Busy July' showing
Hollingbourne's naked Calendar Girl on display at Lullingstone Castle.
Having not been able to visit on the Special Day, I managed a visit around 4 weeks later.
It may not be apparent from the photograph but the post on which she was displayed had fallen to one side and she definately looked  'a fallen woman'  especially as the glue on the flower garlands had given way and rather more of her figure was on display than intended 

We had thought we would be the only ones using a naked lady, but not by any means -the one above showed two ladies, one on the left with rather big 'buns' and her companion sitting behind her was in full Victorian dress.

This was another two part design, the lady with the large sunflower was wearing only an apron,and her companion behind was again in demure dress - each with a picnic related to their age.
 This energetic member was no worse for wear in the 4 weeks, and looked ready for a jog.
 A happy WI Member

A flappy WI Member

 a School Mistress W I Member

and finally this rather lovely Suffragette WI Member.

There were so many more, and well worth the effort to make and to see. 

Wednesday, 2 September 2015


We are proud to present '90' our Cook book to celebrate 
90 years of WI in Hollingbourne.

A Full Colour publication with a recipe for each year of our  'reign'.  You will find delicious easy recipes for starters, main courses, vegetables, puddings, drinks, jams and pickles together with  a pictorial history of Hollingbourne WI and its members.

At  only £4 each , these will make great Christmas presents and momentoes of Hollingbourne.
Available at the Safari Market - Cardwell Pavilion on the  12th September, and later by contacting 01622 880497 or by email to

Friday, 24 July 2015

Marion Pring - Long time member

Everyone in Hollingbourne knows Marion Pring. 

She has enjoyed membership of so many village organisations, 
as well as working hard to ensure their success.   
She has been president of Hollingbourne WI twice and for many years was a very effective treasurer. 

She may not be in the best of health at the moment, but celebrated her 80th Birthday in style with a summer party in the Garden and a drink in her hand.  She had a lovely day with friends. 

A Busy July - Doddington, Lullingstone & Scarecrows & Strawberry Cheesecake.

 Each  year Doddington Place  in Kent hosts a wonderful event with stalls featuring local food and craft, plus of course the lovely gardens.   Good weather brought the crowds out, so it was much busier that  our last visit.  Unfortunately it meant a long wait for our cream teas!
 Towards the end of the day we were treated to a fascinating falconry display where we appreciated the  beauty and skills of the birds and their handlers. 

 On 1st July, Kent Federation of WI's arranged an event at Lullingstone Castle to celebrate 100 years of WI Nationally. It is a lovely venue, only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays usually. There was the castle and the 'World Garden' to see, plus of course displays by the WI.
 Each WI had been asked to make a display entitled 'OUR WI" - inside a box frame. 
We decided the feature each member's face in a flower, and each member was involved with cutting out the flowers, while others put it together with much glue!  As you can see we have inspired women since 1915, - 90 years for Hollingbourne WI- and we shall be having our own celebration in October.


WI's were also asked to make a Scarecrow based on the idea of 100 years of WI - This one was features in Adverts - maker unknown.  

 Our Scarecrow started life as a plastic garden stake and a few rolls insulating Polythene lagging. 
 She ended up as a Calendar Girl, naked except for an assortment of fabric flowers. 

and her rear was the envy of many a member!
Janice and Val had to erect the Lady the day before the event and found she was not alone, over 80 others dotted the grounds and are to be seen for the next month at the Castle. 

At our WI meeting this month we were lucky enough to have a return visit from Julia Davies. She is a wonderful cook and demonstrator.   She gave us ' Easy Summer cooking'.  - Humous, Smoked Mackerel Pate, Stuffed Peppers, Butterbean and tomato salad and STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE.
We all had tasters and the cheesecake was so easy and delicious,  the recipe is given below.

150g Digestive biscuits-  crushed
75g butter  - melted
2 lemons - grated rind and juice
100g caster sugar
350g cram cheese - full fat philadelphia
350 curd cheese - philadelphia light
142ml double cream
strawberries to decorate.

1. Mix the melted butter and digestive biscuits and use to line the base of a serving dish (She used a metal flan ring straight onto the serving dish, with the mix pressed down well, and no problem about getting it out of the tin later. )
2. Gently mix the two cheeses, add the double cream, sugar and juice and rind of the lemon.
3. Whisk slowly until everything is combined, then beat faster until a soft peak stage is reached.
4. Spread over the digestive biscuit base and chill.
5. Top with fruit.
The MAGIC thing was that the cheese mixture held its shape in less than 2 minutes.   She ran a clean knife around the inside of the metal ring, and removed the ring. It did not collapse!  It tasted delicious!  I imagine if it had been left to chill overnight it would have firmed up even more.

Thank you Julia.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Mid Summer's Evening 2015

On 21st June we were invited to a secret garden in Hollingbourne.  It was magical!  We started with a wander around to marvel at all the flowers and shrubs, each path leading to a different area.
 In the wooded part at the end of the garden we spied some Fairies playing near a large toadstool.  We had been told by the owner that if we saw any, we should not make a noise in case we frightened them off, so were very quiet!!
 We then sat outside under the lights of many candles and enjoyed a drink plus nibbles and strawberries.
 Several members then recited poems about fairies (well known and not so well known).  As we watched the sun go down we made our way home.  What a lovely enjoyable evening and many thanks to the fairies  and the garden owner for making us so welcome.

Monday, 15 June 2015


 Lots of stalls , sunshine and  lots of french people from our twin - Templeuve, who entertained us with a choir and joined in the food and the boules competition. 
As usual our Hook a Duck was what was on offer at our stall this 2015
 The Fete theme was the 60's and we had pictures of stars of the 60's and sheet music of the same period, plus some beetles paraphenalia - and of course the Union Jacks. 

The prise for the person achieving the highest score in one fishing session of three ducks was a fantastic cake in the shape of a duck. It was enormous and would have fed about 30 people. 

Here you see it in action.  This fisherman has been a frequent visitor to this pond in the last few years-all in all we had about 170 fisher men and women!