- 19th March - 8:00pm : ‘Chipping Norton to Algiers’ By Val Williams.
- 16th April - 8:00pm : ‘Connecting With Chartwell's Collection’ By Kate Mail.

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Hollingbourne W.I. 9TH Pancake Race

Hollingbourne WI marked Shrove Tuesday by organising their 9th Pancake Race, held on the Lance Memorial Field.   The Head Teacher organised twenty racing groups plus the staff race which was very popular with the pupils.   The 6 school ‘VIP’s, year 6 pupils, ensured that the Race rules were followed, returned all the pans to the start and escorted each winner to collect their rosette.   

The WI held their own race which was won by Jane Orgill – again.  

The start of the WI race with (from left to right) Mary Henderson, 
Lynn Fletcher,Gillie Taylor, Val Williams, Jenny Cox and Jane Orgill.

And the winners.

It was good to see the Parents’ race so competitively run.   The under-fives took part enthusiastically and were the stars of BBC South East News that evening and the Kent Messenger.  Our team in the Cardwell Pavilion served drinks and buns for the pupils and visitors. The event ran very smoothly thanks to the generous help from Keith, Alan and Tony plus volunteers from our District WI's.

The WI followed the guidelines to avoid food waste: greatly helped by the pupils who kindly ate the unused pancakes and the Hollingbourne hens and birds who finished off the ‘used’ ones.

Thanks to all the visitors from the village who came along to support this terrific event and Shellina Prendergast who ‘volunteered’ to take photographs for us.

Friday, 1 February 2019

WI News February 2019

Our meeting in January ‘Wild about Birds’ was very popular with members and visitors alike.   There were so many simple ways to attract birds to our gardens – Water, Food and Shelter are the key areas to target – and to do it NOW - was the message.   At this meeting Jane Deaves started the Bookstall for members to swop books; this will be an ongoing project.   New members have joined, bringing with them their different interests and talents to share with us.

Sue arranged for 15 members to dine at the Sugar Loaves to start the Lunch Club calendar, with different venues organised throughout the year.

Despite possibly the worst weather of the winter so far, Hilary, Marie, myself and Alan attended the Maidstone Bus Pilot Consultation held at Leeds Church on Monday 4th February, travelling on the 13  Bus.  There will probably be a trial run of the new shuttle suggestion for the 13 and 59 buses.  For full details contact the Parish Council or   We had plenty of time to discuss the implications of the proposals with KCC staff who explained the complex organisation and funding of local transport over a nice cup of tea.

On Friday 8th February, together with Ben and Shaun from the Meadows Trust, 5 of us enjoyed Lunch at County Hall with Shellina Prendergast, our County Councillor.   We discussed our Midsummer Celebration and our plans for June 22nd this year.   We all realise what a wonderful asset the Meadows project is for growing our community.  And if you have never eaten at County Hall with the Genuine Dining Company, who cook an inexpensive and wonderfully varied lunch menu, you are missing a treat.   You simply need to sign in (for security) at reception.   Lunch is served from noon weekdays.

Val Williams
Secretary Hollingbourne WI

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

WI News January 2019

It seems a long time ago since we were enjoying our Annual Christmas Party in December 2018.   We invited our friends and the many people who helped us throughout the year to ‘keep the show on the road’.   A hot supper and delicious desserts were served and the six washer uppers made the dirty dishes disappear.   We were entertained with the superb sound of Mixed Blessings – all the pictures taken by Adriana, including a video of the concert, can be seen on  Shaun Cardwell read his poem dedicated to Hollingbourne WI, which we all loved and Jean Talboys finished the evening with her reading of the traditional Christmas Eve poem: A Visit from St Nicholas.

Nine members attended the West Kent Federation 100th Anniversary Carol Concert at All Saints Church Maidstone where the beautiful wreath which Rosemary Pollock made was hung on the end of the pew.

We also enjoyed the lovely village activities which were arranged around Christmas including the revived Carols on the Greens organised by Beccy and the Boxing Day walk with Malcolm and Ben and the Meadows Trust.

We have distributed our programme of speakers and other events to each house in the village which we hope will encourage everyone, not just ladies, to come and listen to our exciting range of speakers and join in the various social events throughout the year.

We cruised through the final Darts match in Round 1 of the West Kent Tournament – sitting by a log fire in the Sugar Loaves and enjoying a nice lunch!  Our opponents did not turn up – so it was a bye!  Not a dart was thrown – so easy!

Our February meeting is for members only – Hat and Chat – a social evening when we will wear a hat which will be the clue to a story we will tell.

Val Williams
Secretary Hollingbourne WI

Monday, 24 December 2018

WI News December 2018

November 2018 was filled with so many worthwhile activities. Janice organised for a tableful of WI members to enjoy the ‘Only Remembered’ musical revue of 100 years ago. Thought provoking readings contrasted with the jolly songs of the day. Of course we loved the tributes to the suffragettes and the WI.

November 11th was a day to remember, with the service in the church and the poppy displays from so many village organisations. Then we walked down to the war memorial where poppy wreaths were laid.  The P100 project at The Meadows Trust was well documented in December’s magazine. We felt privileged to be asked to serve tea and cakes for the event where we met so many people. The lighting of the Beacon was memorable. We stayed until late to mull over the events of the day and watch the Beacon and the candles flickering in the dark.

The following evening we were on top form to beat The Farleighs in our second Darts Match, at The Sugar Loaves. However our next match, following a tortuous journey to Brenchley, was a close defeat.   We enjoyed afternoon tea with the team. Ian’s coaching is paying off because we start working out our finishing tactics much earlier in the game.

Saturday 17th was our Dance at the Village Hall. Mary organised for the excellent caller John Sweeney who had dancers on their feet from the start. It was so good to see such a range of ages all dancing and laughing together all night.   Karen, whose role is to encourage the faint hearted to join in, said how enthusiastic everybody was from the very beginning. No encouragement needed. We would like to thank all who came for making it such a friendly and fun evening. We do plan to run the event again, probably in October. 

The month rolled on with seven members taking a trip with Detling WI to the International Military Tattoo in Birmingham. ots of bands, displays, dogs, pipe bands  and the testosterone filled Gun Crews Competition between Army, Navy and Airforce.

The Meadows Trust AGM was truly inspiring as their plans for the future were rolled out. We can look forward to even more innovative ideas coming to fruition to enhance our lives in Hollingbourne.

Twenty members enjoyed the Christmas Broadway Show party at The Great Danes organised for us by Sue Woodhouse.   Four and a half hours of dancing, singing, dining and socialising in a very smart setting. We are proud to announce that Jane Orgill won the Best Dressed Broadway Character – she was a very convincing Cat with an extremely long tail.

We have collected greenery from around Hollingbourne and five of us spent an enjoyable afternoon making Christmas wreaths together.

We really enjoyed the School Christmas party with lots of cake and wonderful singing. We were met and greeted and waited on most courteously. Weren’t we lucky?

You are invited to join us for our January meeting at 8pm for 8.15pm, when Maureen Rainey from the Kent Wildlife Trust will help us to make our gardens friendly to birds with her talk ‘Wild About Birds’.

£3 on the door.   880433/382

Val Williams
Secretary Hollingbourne WI

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

West Kent Carols 2018

Nine members of Hollingbourne WI atttended All Saints Church in Maidstone for the West Kent Carols 2018.  We enjoyed several carols and readings plus being entertained by West Peckham Hand Bells.

Each WI was asked to make a wreath to hang at the end of the pews and Rosemary Pollock kindly made the beautiful Hollingbourne one (Pictured below).

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Hollingbourne 2018 Christmas Party

Hollingbourne WI held their Christmas Party on Tuesday 11th December in their Village Hall.

Twenty five members attended and twenty seven guests.  The guests included members of other WIs, Ethel Hunt Executive Officer Jane Backshall and her husband, gentlemen in Hollingbourne who come to our aid when we need some muscles! our local Vicar and his wife, past members plus a few husbands who were allowed out on best behaviour.

The evening started with a delicious hot meal of either Edna's famous steak and kidney pudding, chicken casserole or fish pie, plus vegetables.  This was followed by a choice of several puddings.  Many thanks to our members for all the cooking.

A couple of husbands, Meadow Trust men and the Vicar were then frog marched into the kitchen to do all the washing up (bless them).

We were entertained by 'Mixed Blessings' (Click here for short video) who are a group of approximately 30 local singers who sang a selection of Christmas songs acappella, finishing with carols that we joined in with, which put us all in the wonderful Christmas spirit.

One person on each table was lucky enough to take home the beautiful table decoration created by our very clever flower arranger Penny Smith.  Each member and guest were given a present of a 100 years centenary WI pen.

Hollingbourne would like to wish all our WI friends in Kent a very Happy New Year and look forward to meeting up with you during 2019.

Report by Mary Henderson

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Great Danes Christmas party

Our Christmas party at the Great Danes Hotel in Hollingbourne. This year the dress theme was “movies”.

 Guess who? Jane won the best dressed. Well done.