- 20th November - 8:00pm : ‘Around the World in a Double Decker Bus’ - By Richard King.
- December - T.B.A. : ‘Christmas Party’.

Thursday, 11 October 2018

The Hollingbourne WI’s 93rd Anniversary

The 11th October 2018 was the 93rd anniversary of the first Meeting of Hollingbourne WI. This historic meeting took place in The Institute which was in Eyhorne Street on the site now occupied by The Pavings (a three house development constructed in 1970) next to the old Methodist Chapel, now known as Chapel House.

To celebrate the occasion the WI met up as near to the original site as possible for a photo shoot, which culminated with WI’s anthem (Click here for video).

Monday, 1 October 2018

WI News October 2018

Our September meeting showcased a remarkable presentation by Katie Ellis of The Able Label.   She opened with the story of why she started her company.  When caring for her grandmother, Katie realized how difficult it was for her to find clothes which were easy to put on and to be fashionable.   Having worked as a buyer for the White Stuff she was well placed to design and source easy on clothes in up to the minute styles.   Jane Orgil volunteered to try on the sample range – wearing gardening gloves-to experience how difficult it is for some people to dress themselves. 

On 20th September four members visited the District Art and Craft event in Bearsted.   Where they were shown how to make some delightful Christmas items.

The Lunch Club visited their favourite venue in September – The Fox and Goose in Weavering.   They are always made to feel so welcome and enjoy the home made meals which are always good value.

Five of our members plus two other sopranos from Hollingbourne presented the Hazlitt Choir Concert on 26th September.   It was extremely well received, due no doubt to the extensive rehearsals and benefitting from the services of two conductors and a superb drummer.   It was great fun.

On 2nd October 3 members and Alan joined eight District WIs for a visit to Bletchley Park.   It was almost overwhelming – so much information to take in.   Whilst I could understand how the Enigma machine worked, the deciphering process needs closer study.   An intriguing day out.

Mary attended a Driving Day at Rochester organised by National WI.    She took part in First Response on the Scene Training, a scene investigation workshop and a one to one driving session with an advanced motorist observer.   She is an even better driver now!   Well done Mary.

Ian Harmer is kindly continuing with the Darts Team training at the Sugar Loaves.   He advised playing 301 and 401 starting and of course ending with doubles (for the darts afficianados).   First  competition match will be  against Loose WI,  later on in October.

The last of our meetings which are open to the public will be on Tuesday 20th November and we will finish on a high.   AROUND THE WORLD IN A DOUBLE DECKER BUS – Richard King will be telling us all about this saga which started in 1969.   He and his musical friends took to the road in a converted bus.   On their journey they became honorary citizens of Texas, they performed for the Shah of Iran….so many great stories!

Tickets are £3 on the door starting at 8pm.   Phone 880433/382 to book your place

Another reminder of our Social Event for Hollingbourne on Saturday 17th November at 7.30pm.   Although advertised as a Barn Dance, it will of course be taking place in our own Village Hall.   John Sweeney, the caller is good at getting people to join in the dances which are English Country and so varied that we will find something for everybody to enjoy.  An easy going social event to brighten up the start of winter with hot food served during the interval.   Bring your own drinks and glasses.   Tickets £8 from 880382/734370.

Val Williams
Secretary Hollingbourne WI

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

WI News July 2018

Continuing the West Kent Federation of WIs celebration of 100 years we were happy to visit Aylesford Priory to enjoy the Art and Craft extravaganza. A wonderful setting to display three particular aspects of this important aspect of WI life. Mary submitted her ‘upcycled cushion’ made with off cuts of materials which her granddaughter had used during her degree course in stage design. A very glamorous contribution. Janice presented a photo collage showing the wide range of our activities throughout the year.   Our third contribution was a table top flower display reflecting the character of Hollingbourne; this was brilliantly interpreted by Penny. ‘A vibrant WI which thinks outside of the box’. We will show them on our blog.

At our July meeting members and guests were entertained by the Blackthorn Lyres in the village hall on one of the warmest evenings of the recent heatwave. In order to keep the hall temperature to a reasonable level all the doors and windows were wide open which meant that the noise of road, rail and Car Park spoilt the unusual calming and quiet music provided by the players who were seated in a tight inward facing circle. Their presentation would have been much more enjoyable under more peaceful conditions with the seating of the performers arranged so that most members of the audience were able to observe the playing of such unusual instruments.

On July 24th the WI Lunch Club met at a delightful new venue, The Wealden Golf Club, where we had an excellent choice of Menu and beautiful views across the river and Lakes.

Allington Castle was chosen for our annual August Outing. Members and friends were given a guided morning tour followed by tea and cakes.

Our next meeting is on September 18th when Katie Ellis the founder of the Able label will tell us about the beautiful clothes she designs to be easy to put on even if you are forgetful or have troublesome joints. I can assure you from personal experience that they really do make dressing and undressing easier as well as being very attractive. She will be bringing a range of clothes for you to see and will explain the arrangements buying her excellent clothes.

A very important date for your Diary! 11th October is the 93rd anniversary of the first Meeting of Hollingbourne WI. This historic meeting took place in The Institute which was in Eyhorne Street on the site now occupied by The Pavings next to the old Methodist Chapel, now known as Chapel House. On the 11th October 2018 we shall celebrate with a brief photo-call at 6.00pm at the Pavings, before continuing our celebrations with drinks and nibbles at the Sugar Loaves. (You may like to wear a costume illustrating an event during the past 93 years)

On Saturday 17th November the WI will be arranging a Barn Dance from 6.00pm-11.00pm in the Village Hall. The Caller will be John Sweeny. Tickets will be £8 including hot food, and can be booked by phoning 01622 880382/734370. Please bring your own drinks and glasses.

Jean Talboys
Hollingbourne WI

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

West Kent Centenary Celebrations

Six of us went to the West Kent Centenary Celebrations at The Friars Aylesford on 11th July. We had three exhibits.

Penny Smith produced a fantastic display of flowers. She had to depict our WI so she put these blooms exploding out of a box with a message "Hollingbourne WI, Vibrant, Busy and Always Thinking Outside the Box".

Mary Henderson made an up-cycled cushion that had to be made from material from something memorable to you.  She made her cushion from material left over from theatre costumes her Granddaughter made whilst at Uni.

Janice Butler selected lots of photos of events Hollingbourne WI had enjoyed and Malcolm Smith put them together into a collage. 

We were very proud of all our displays.

Saturday, 30 June 2018

WI News June 2018

The NFWI (that is the National Federation of WIs) from time to time launches a campaign to embrace all members in England and Wales.   In June this was a Healthy Living and Wellbeing week.   Mary and Jean worked together to produce a check list of healthy foods and a way of recording our activities for the week.   We also visited KIMS hospital, followed by a delightful walk around Mote Park. We played Petanque on the court on the Lance Memorial Field.

After this we felt less guilt when we attended the aptly named Madginford Pie Lunch – with salads – and desserts.

We enjoyed the Summer Concert in the Church given by Kathryn Norman and Brian White.

Our June meeting feature Annie Kemkaran-Smith talking about Lady Baillie’s role in the refurbishment of Leeds Castle.   Our many visitors enjoyed the opening video showing the changes to the castle throughout the ages and the question and answer session afterwards. We felt that this was a particularly smooth and informative presentation.

The next day we were off – cruising – down the Medway on the Kentish Lady to Teston Bridge and back.   A sunny, delightful, beautiful view of Kent, all well organised by Sue complete with a Fish and Chips lunch.

We went to the open air theatre productions by the LADS (Leeds Amateur Dramatic Society) in Rosemary’s garden.   Terrific views provided a backdrop to the two delightful plays.

Our Midsummer Celebration on the 23rd June was the best ever. With the help of the Meadows Trust we enjoyed our American Picnic (look on the blog to see Ben’s obvious delight), a walk around the dedicated trees, poetry reading and guitar playing, finishing by sitting around a firebowl and chatting into the night was a great end to a lovely evening. It was good to see so many people there.

The North Downs District group of WIs held their AGM at Stockbury – a scenic journey in June.The speaker, who talked about ‘Voices from Victorian London, made his presentation in costume and in character. He was so scary that we were quite pleased when he finished – the twilight contributing to the eeriness.

Holidays beckon so Jean will keep you up to date on the summer activities of our members for the September edition.

Val Williams
Secretary Hollingbourne WI

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Mid-Summer Picnic in the Meadows

 This was the second Mid-Summer Picnic in the Meadows, and once again we were lucky with the weather.

Food glorious food. Janice admires the spread…

 And the picnic begins

Andrew Snowden with Bracken, who was behaving well until he knocked Andrew’s beer over!

 Ben tucks into his new diet...

 And shows off his new mug we presented to him in thanks for his help. 

 The Virgin balloon makes an appearance having taken off from The Great Danes Hotel.

 Jane Orgill recites her poem. If I remember correctly it was by Rudyard Kipling...

 And gets a well-deserved applause.

Jean Talboys recites her poem.

This was the first of the 114 trees visited. If the trees sponsor was present, and if willing, they read the plaque out loud and gave a short history as to why it was sponsored. As each tree concluded an electronic candle was laid at its base.

Tree number 49, a Whitebeam, and our tree. And yes we all sang Jerusalem.

ON 11 OCTOBER 2015

As the sun set and dusk fell, the candle lights came into their own, giving an almost mystical appearance.

A picture of Adriana, at the very limit of my camera, with the lights disappearing into the distance.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

WI News May 2018

Our May meeting was our Annual Meeting, when we discussed the Resolution ‘Mental Health Matters’ which will be put to the AGM of the National Federation of the WI, this year held in Cardiff..  Jane Orgill organized the lively debate amongst our members and we voted to back the resolution.

This was followed by our elections which was overseen by two Tellers from Leeds WI. Janice Butler was re-elected as President and has agreed to serve for another year with additional help from all the members. Nine committee members were elected and their roles will be decided at the next meeting.

Janice and I took the number 13 bus to Leeds to join a District walk led by Sadie, around Leeds footpaths, to admire the bluebells and the truly stunning views of Leeds Castle. A delicious cream tea at the George rounded off a great afternoon.

Our darts team attended the final of the Federation Darts Tournament at Tovil Working Mens’ Club.  Whilst we felt that our scoring was as good as the winning team from Catford we are seriously thinking about getting some coaching help!  It’s the doubles you know.

The Lunch Club really enjoyed their visit to the Pepperbox at Ulcome, thanks to Sue’s organization.
We spent a great morning at the Sugar Loaves watching the Royal Wedding – brilliant audience participation followed with a nice Barbeque in the evening.

Jenny, Janice and Leslie represented Hollingbourne WI at the West Kent Federation Centenary Garden Party. Dressed to the nines they enjoyed the gardens of Marlborough House School at Hawkhurst. There was a craft and produce display, an exhibition of memorial books with hand painted pictures representing all the Federation WIs (including Rosemary Pollock’s page for Hollingbourne). They were entertained by the Lindy Hop Dancers and a talented soprano singing well known classics

Four of us sang at the Proms in the Park in Maidstone on a sunny Saturday in May as part of the Hazlitt Choir.

We enjoyed Hollingbourne’s Fete in June, dressed as Suffragettes, following the Heroes theme! Our Hook a Duck was really popular again and the highest score was hooked by Hadley, who won Penny Smith’s Duck Cake to share with her family! Thank you to everybody who had a go.

On Tuesday 17th July at 8.15 The Blackthorn Lyres will be demonstrating their modern handmade instruments in a programme of short pieces. The lyre is a chamber instrument which lends itself to quiet listening – soothing the soul, beautiful and therapeutic. We would love to share with you this rare opportunity to enjoy a unique musical experience. We advise that you phone 880433/382 to secure a seat.

Report by Val Williams
Secretary Hollingbourne WI