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Monday, 22 July 2013

Walking with Adriana Smith

Adriana and her husband are keen walkers, and have just returned from walking the Calderas in the Canary Islands.

When she joined the WI she suggested that our members might join her and her walking friends to really explore the footpaths in our local area.   Each month she has a walk planned and anyone who is interested can join her.  The walks are differing lengths and can be from 4 - 10 miles.  If you are interested contact us and we can put you in touch.  She describes her April to June walks here with a photo of Bluebells taken when the weather was cold and wet.

On the 18th of April eight of us set off for Hucking Forest. We were expecting to see an array of bluebells, but unfortunately, due to the long winter, we found we were far too early and nothing was yet in bloom! However, we still enjoyed one of the last meals at the Hook and Hatchet before it stopped trading (Yet again!). A month later four of us set off again for Hucking Forest and this time we were not disappointed, the bluebells were out in all their glory, although more striking in the late evening light they were still stunning and some wonderful pictures were taken.

The May W.I. walk was a circular walk, starting and finishing at the Dirty Habit. The walk took us passed Allington Farm, up to Colyers Wents and passed Coopers Farm, then crossing the road just north of Hollingbourne Hill and on to Gotteridge. We then descended Drake’s Lane to pick up the Pilgrims Way again and then on to our final destination, The Dirty Habit, where a good lunch was had by everyone.

The June walk was also circular, however, this time we stopped for lunch at the Black Horse in Thurnham. The outward route was via the North Downs Way, briefly pausing at Thurnham Castle. This part of the walk had some spectacular views, but was not for the feint hearted as it was quite challenging with some steep inclines. Despite this we all managed to arrive at the pub safe and well and in surprisingly good condition! After lunch we returned to Hollingbourne along the much easier Pilgrims Way.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

le Canard - Il fait mauvais temps - Hollingbourne Fete

Well, this year the rain it rained,  and the wind it blew!
However over 100 people Hooked a duck, and the winner Katie Millbrook  won this wonderful Cake
with the highest score of 97 for the three ducks she hooked. 

The cake was made by a member, and she may be willing to  take orders for similar creations 
(ring the WI number for contact)

We had advertised the Templeuve Twinning on our stand with the tricolour hanging at the rear.   The 60 strong French contingent seemed to enjoy themselves,  especially  the Mayor of Templeuve  who graced us with a kiss for Rita the President, and a donation of £3.70.  As she told us,  he said that the kiss was worth more,  but that it was all that was left in the kitty.

Maybe not the best day, but  our ducks enjoyed the weather, money was made for local causes and at least our Gazebo did not blow away. 

........"A Dancing Troupe"..... - 95 years of West Kent WI's

June was the anniversary of 95 years of the West Kent Federation of WI's
and a day long Celebration was held at Aylesford Priory near Maidstone and 8 of us were there with over 1000 members.There were demonstrations  of all aspects of modern WI life : We trialled various sports activities and took away instructions for knitting plastic bags, and atoms!
Each WI was encouraged to enter the  competitions and exhibitions with items prepared in advance.

One was a Pin Cushion. - Ours was was made by 
Sarah Cheetham - Neat, attractive and functional.

Then  there was a 'ScrappySam' to be made from any kind of recycled item.  Ours was made from a metal coat hanger, some plastic lids, very small fabric offcuts, stuffed with fruit nets and finished with 'hair' from a sheep found when his maker, Hilary Lucette was walking the Penine Way.  We called him 'Patriotic Pete'.
Our final Challenge was for a Scrapbook documenting how we had celebrated the 95 years within our own WI's.  We had to complete  ten different challenges each  involving 95 efforts.
i.e. Swim 95 lengths, make and sell 95 cup cakes (See previous Blog) , collect 95 recipes, Skip 95 times (See previous Blog)  - this was enjoyable and every member joined in.  One which was little effort,  involved each members contributing 95p towards the flower arrangement that our District (Northdowns) was preparing for the Priory.  The results were amazing and depicted Inspiring Women though the ages and two are shown below. 

 Edith Cavell 1865- 1915  More Humane Treatment of Prisoners of War
Dame Edith Smyth 1858 -1944 - Womans Suffrage. 

The whole event took a lot of organising and 6 of our Members volunteered to be Stewards on the Day thoroughly enjoying the interaction with so many other members from West Kent. 

Hollinbourne also volunteered to 'Do their Party Piece'
a singing and dancing version of SINGING IN THE RAIN. .
We thank Unity, of Ravenswood WI  who took these pictures.  She said she was newish to the WI and decided to watch as she had not seen  "a WI Dancing Troupe before".  Well that is not what we would call it, especially as two our members are awaiting leg surgery.   Maybe her husband's comment of " it was a very relaxed routine" is nearer the mark.
The whole day was a marvellous celebration of  all things WI - and not to be missed - we just wonder what they will think up for the Centenary celebration on 5 years time.