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Friday, 24 February 2012


so when an exhibition was staged at Bluewater covering Knitting, Stitching and Hobbies we thought we would go along. 

Firstly the wonderful costumes from Downton Abbey were on Display -
plenty of creative stitching there 

and did you know that the lovely dress on the left, was a CAT Suit, not a dress?
Many needles must have created this imaginative fisherman's hut, complete with fisherman at the door which was an exhibit from the RNLI - every kind of knitting you can imagine.
A wonderful quilt (I think from the Quilters Guild)
There were fashion shows and demonstration of all kinds of crafts - and you could take part in workshops - card Making, Silk Painting, Watercolour painting , Bead making and lots lots  more.
These events are held up and down the country and the link to the internet for more information is -         2012 events
Moving on to other creative stitching

Each year there are competitions within the WI, and a West Kent Federation competition at the moment is for the 'Silver Salver'   - it is for a home made bag - there are sections for all kinds of bags,  knitted, crochet embroidered etc.  One rule was that it must not be any larger than 9 inches in any direction, with the gusset not more than 2 inches - which made it hard to stitch.  One of our members had made a bag for the ' Miscellaneous' section.Made from recycled materials, except for the clasp and the Zip.

It has an inner zipped pocket
and a credit card holder.
We shall wait to see how it is judged amongst the others from Members of other institutes.
And finally our KNITTER IN CHIEF - 
Eileen Jenkins and her friend Viv Carter answered a call for Hats for Sailors and between them have knitted 48 Hats. Val Williams also made 3 pairs of Mitts, so the other 45 sailors will have to keep their hands in their pockets!   Seriously though, very well done - the only reason they stopped at 48 was because the wool ran out. 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Shrove Tuesday 21st February 2012

It was Pancake day, and time for that RACE again.

 This year we were joined by the Hollingbourne School's 100+ Pupils  and staff who now believe that Pancake racing should be an Olympic sport.  Mums Dads, Grandparents, friends and anyone else who was interested were there and we had a great time.   The winners received rosettes, and everyone was given a  small chocolate egg for their efforts.  See you next year.

Race 1  runners 
Race 1 winner.
Race 2
Race 2 winner
Race 3
Race 3 Winner
Race 4
Race 4 winner
Race 5
Race 5 Winner
Race 6
Race 6 Winner
Race 7
Race 7 Winner

Hollingbourne Staff race winner
Headmaster Mr Baldock - Loosing it completely.

Race 9 Winner

We have to apologise to the following winners whose race starts were not recorded.
Race 10 -These two tied crossing the line together

Race 11 Winner
Race 12 Winner
Race 13 Winner
Race 14 winner
Mother's race
Mother's race winner

Men's race
Men's race Winner
Under 5's race
Under 5's race winner

A little lady may not have won her race,  who was just so cute we could not miss her out

and finally -

Thursday, 2 February 2012


To find all about it Click on this link   NATIONALLIBRARIESDAY.ORG.UK

To do our part we decided to visit our travelling library on 2nd Feb, as this is the day it visits Hollingbourne Village. The Van stops in various places and we chose Troys Mead  to get together as it is the middle of the village

It was a cold and frosty early evening but the sky had an orange glow from the sunset.
5pm is the time  the van visits Troys Mead and  4.30 at The Church.
Margaret, Val and Sue with their selection.  There are books, jigsaw puzzles, speaking books and lots more for adults and Children - make it a date for the future - don't forget - use it or loose it!!

We have also started a 'Book Swap' at our meetings.  It is not a way to get rid of unwanted books , but a chance to share a really good book with others.  So if you have read a book which you really enjoyed, write a brief resume, and swap it with a member.  The book will come back to you in the end to read again!