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Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Our Easter meeting, started with reminiscences of a Trip 7 years ago with Inge Hack  to Nuremburg, and Egglofstein when we visited the Easter egg villages of the area.  The weather had been perfect and it was one of those lifetime experiences we will never forget. 
We started with a choice of Easter Bonnets made by Hilary and Margaret, which sat daintily on our heads all through the meeting (and on the trip home, to the surprise of our other halves) 

Following on, Mary led us singing a  round of 'hot cross buns' finally culminating in a 4 part round - we were then in the mood for a story.
Margaret read us two Easter items from her father's  WW2 book 'My War' - firstly making Hot Cross Biscuits from dry Army Biscuits., and secondly in Epirus Greece, 1945,  as part of a support group , when the Local people celebrated Easter with Easter Lambs and coloured hens eggs, having finally rid themselves of the occupying forces.

 Some Craft work came next - 'Faberge' egg decorating. Hollow plastic eggs, originally from Joyce's hens, were decorated with many kinds of 'stick ons' - from gold and silver strips, to flowers, rabbits,, cats and 'diamonds' or every hue.
 Sadie, had cycled 26 miles earlier this day, and in a couple of days time reaches a very special day- we sang  her 'Happy Birthday'.   Hilary was one of the main Crafts tutors and she gave help when needed.
Two finished eggs -  worthy of  Faberge?
 Special refreshments - Lenten Pies -  an old recipe  from Janice's family, 
and Mini Simnel cakes (from a Lakeland recipe) of Margaret's
And finally the ultimate chick and the ultimate Easter Bonnet.   - Rita had knitted 28 chicks - all it seemed with different expression, and containing a Cadbury's Cream egg.  
We went home very contented with our evening  - except for Rita, who was home ill in bed!