- 18th September - 8:00pm : ‘The Abel Label’ - By Katie Ellis.
- 16th October - 8:00pm : ‘Fire Safety in Your Home’ - By Melanie Quinn.

Monday, 16 September 2013


 The day dawned grey, but could have been much worse weatherwise, and it did not stop our valued customers driving from all parts of Kent to get here.  

There were all kind of stalls

An Open Air affair with a million videos & DVD's and a very smiley faced seller
Secluded affairs where one could be discrete in ones purchases

Very 'Home and Garden' Affairs with Oast house, stream and accompanying ducks. 
One even with a notice attached to the house saying  'MAKE ME AN OFFER'  -  whether she was saving on House Agents, or just selling her unwanted treasure we didn't ask.

This ' Invitation to our Deck', was also publicised by streamers (out of picture)
 attached to the two poles in the front. 
Some even managed to squash into a gap between houses

Items on sale were many and varied, with a Dinner set worthy of Downton Abbey.

This buyer was obviously delighted with his Man of Wood a unique momento.

What I always wanted - an outdoor wheeled table/drinks trolley, plus an electronic musical machine
purchased and wheeled off  before I get could there!
Socks had been converted magically into all kinds of animals and were selling well.
Children has a fantastic collection  and at just the right height.

This year the Pavilion was selling everything at £1  - one person's trash was another person's  treasure.
Presided over by Joyce Walker as Chief  Saleswoman, with the assistance of her grandaughter.
Joyce had previously cooked and sold our hot food, and this year was the turn of Mary Henderson and her friends to provide this service. 
We also needed -'Tea Ladies' Rita, Sue, Hilary, Joy and general dogsbodies, Jane, Margaret, Val and Janice.- and our two man team of Gazebo erectors  Jim Henderson  (WI husband) and Moray Dennett who has no affiliation to the WI, but gives his time and we are so grateful. 

Our Tea and Hot food tent was popular, as were the Craft stall from Bearsted Green  WI
and the Cake stall from Leeds WI.

West Kent Federation Chairman Sheila Miles paid us a long promised visit with  her Husband

The object was to visit as many stalls as possible and note the name of the individual picture displayed at each site.   There were 6 people who got them all correct so a draw was necessary for the outright winner  who was ROBIN DEARLE OF HOLLLINGBOURNE. 
These 6 will receive a free map for next years Safari.

Satisfaction is what we aim to provide, and finally a picture of a very satisfied customer leaving one stall having just purchased his NEW BICYCLE from them.


Friday, 13 September 2013

Has our hot summer finally gone?

Has our hot summer finally gone - well Probably - but Saturday 14th September is our Famous  Safari Market with 48 Garage sales around the village so lets hope for a decent day.

Let's remember the things we did together during this last couple of months.

A private visit to Chilham Castle where we had a guided tour through all of the house as well as the garden. This picture shows the beautiful Wisteria growing on the side of the house.   Chilham was the first place in the UK to plant a Wisteria, which is native to the Far East.  Also see the one chair that accompanied us, our guide provided it for one of our Members who preferred a little rest from time to time.
A motley crew, but looking happy outside Chilham Castle .
Sarah Cheetham again provided the venue for out summer picnic - this year was the one bad weather day and so we all ate inside.   Her mammoth  task of  rejuvinating the Oast will be over in the new year all being well. In or out it was a lovely time which we all enjoyed. .
 (This picture is from 2012 - just to remind us of last years good day)

A trip to Hadlow Agricultural College Garden Centre. - Broadview Garden Centre.  We wandered through 10 acres of Garden,  though the long hot summer had effected the ' beautifully maniured gardens' and they were not at their best. However we eventually found a beautiful Japanese `Garden which was worth it.  

Joyce and Rita taking it easy. 
We finally finished by purchasing some plants and had a cream tea  in the Tea Room which was delicious and particularly enjoyable when we discovered WI members had 10% discount!


West Kent  WI's arranged a  Japanese traditional Folded patchwork workshop.  (Three workshops in fact, - Greenhithe, Pembury and Bredhurst. )
 Everything was provided  including instruction and we set to work.  The round fabric, and the two squares were the start , and with some ironing, pinning and stitching we ended up with one square. (Bottom left hand side)  There were 15 more to do.
Here are eight sewn together and the aim is to make a square of the 16, and then turn them into a bag, or cushion cover -  so if you see a bag, or 100 around Kent, you will know that they were made in a Village Hall, by WI members somewhere in West Kent.

Finally DANCE DANCE DANCE  - another West Kent event, staged in Hollingbourne but for the whole of the County.(no pictures sorry)
This was a fantastic event where we started with Zumba from Nichola - everyone joined in even those awaiting knee replacements - and proceeded to Belly Dance with Ann,  who gave the history and demonstrated things she could do but we could not!
There was also Folk Dancing, Line Dancing and in the afternoon Scottish dancing with  Kilts and tartans swirling around.   A wonderful day, and look out for Hollingbourne's own BELLY DANCE  evening in the 2014 programme.  It will be an open evening for all to enjoy.