- 18th September - 8:00pm : ‘The Abel Label’ - By Katie Ellis.
- 16th October - 8:00pm : ‘Fire Safety in Your Home’ - By Melanie Quinn.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Are we in Poland, Scotland or a Kentish Bog?

In June our DISTRICT WALK to us to HOTHFIELD HEATHLANDS NATURE RESERVE. It is one of the last ancient heathlands in England, and also contain's Kent's last 4 Valley bogs.

There are two herds of animals that help to keep the vegetation under control. First some beautiful Polish Konic Ponies, each with a black line down their spines, a velvety coat and a wonderful nature. Our leader was Mr Hall a warden who showed us the animals, insects and flora of the area.

Jean Talboys and Mr Hall with the Ponies

The second herd is of Highland Cattle - Jean Kelly getting in close

and the results from her camera.

The first of our flora was the bog cotton - you can see this part is rather wet but we had been warned to wear strong shoes

next was the yellow bog asphodel and the Heath Spotted Orchid

and the round-leaved sundew awaiting unsuspecting insects for it's prey

Southern Marsh Orchid
At this time of year it is the Orchids that draw people here-but it is such a different landscape - most of Kent seems to be cultivated or in private ownership -

here it is wild and open heath and bog.

Hothfield Heathand is owned by Ashford Borough Council and Kent Wildlife Trust - You will find it to the south side of the A20 between Charing and Ashford (on the right hand side after Charing) - There is a large layby, often a refreshment van, public toilets and a car park for the Reserve. There are display boards with maps and you can walk there at any time. Do try it , there are many unusual heathlands plants and flowers, birds, dragon flies, insect and small reptiles.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Fancy some Physics?

Earlier this year all WI's in the Country were invited to conduct a Physics experiment and make a cartoon of it so that others could understand physics experiments more easily and more women would be interested in taking up Science as a career.

Hollingbourne felt up to the task and two members conducted an experiment that involved a table, a newspaper, a ruler and Rita Moon. Val Williams took photos which were redrawn as a cartoon and we proved that 'THE DOWNWARDS FORCE OF THE ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE COUNTERED THE UPWARD FORCE FROM THE RULER'!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rita, plus table, newspaper and ruler

Rita giving the ruler a hefty wack.

The entry was sent off with little hope of winning - but we were wrong, back came a letter

Lo and behold we were runners up (or at least Val and Rita were.)

Val and Rita Cutching their certificate and prize.

They accepted the invitation to go to 'Stars in their Eyes' in London this June where the lectures were -

1. The Science and Beauty of Nebulae - given by Dr Carolin Crawford, Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge

2 Careering through Astronomy - Dame Professor Jocelyn Bell Burnett, Dept of Astrophysics, Oxford University. Her work at Cambridge involved her in the discovery of pulsars, opening up a new branch of astrophysics - work which was recognised by the award of a Nobel Prize for her supervisor.

Val and Rita said the Photos were extraordinary and introduced them to a world they had never ventured into.

Val and Rita with Dame Professor Jocelyn Bell Burnett.

A local man was recently heard to say in Hollingbourne - " WI - they just chat and drink tea"

TAKE NOTE PLEASE - we do far more that that and we have your name and number!

A Japanese lady and midsummer's night with the fairies.

Lesley Gould's talk on the life of a Japanese woman was fascinating at the June Meeting. She had brought along bells, kimonos, prayer purses, shoes, pictures and nodding animals. Her 6 years in japan were brought back vividly to us and we were sorry when it was time for her to stop.

After WI had ended we were invited to ......

.... a fairy glen that exists in Hollingbourne where we walked through gardens by torchlight, and found fairies and toadstools, and wild flower gardens. Finally we were served sandwiches (without crusts) of Prawn, Smoked salmon and Ham, and to finish off there were bowls of strawberries and cream. This kind of treat comes only once a year what a pity you missed it!

Sunday, 5 June 2011


We have a very good speaker this month - Lesley Gould who has lived in Japan for 6 years and will explain the life of a Japanese woman, her home and customs.
Please join us for this fascinating talk in Hollingbourne Village Hall, on 21st June, at 8.15, or come for the whole meeting at 7.30pm. £2 including refreshments.

Contact number 01622880497


Fete day dawned bright and WINDY - the main action of the day seemed to be to stop the Gazebos from blowing away. There were stalls selling flowers, cakes, plants, bags, glass etc, stands for beer, burgers, soft drinks - games to play - Competitions for Dogs (waggiest tail etc), classic cars, Odd methods of transport, and Display tents such as the WI.
Mary & Jim Henderson provided the large Gazabo and display boards, Hilary Lucette the Scapbooks, Members provided the craft work and items for display and Margaret Weaver collated all we had and so that our visitors could see exactly what the WI has been doing for the last 85 years.
Our Unique Pennant has been newly made and will be given to an 2012 Olympic Athlete, under a scheme found on
The Painting done by Miss Fotheringham in 1963 to extol villagers to
join in the effort for the best kept village competition, which
Have a look on the small Green when you enter the village -
There is a plaque to commemorate the win on the refuse bin

The races organised by our President Val Williams and her husband Alan
were hotly contended by Children and
The Tug of War, won in the last two years by the Ladies, was this time won by the men -
a) Take the strain
b) Disaster
Finally a picture from the WI Tent where two young ladies used the Teaching Apron to great effect, swiftly working from 'Once upon a time' to a story containing princes, witches, ghosts, castles, mice and everything else they could get their hands - it was fantastic.