- 18th September - 8:00pm : ‘The Abel Label’ - By Katie Ellis.
- 16th October - 8:00pm : ‘Fire Safety in Your Home’ - By Melanie Quinn.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Centenary Follies = West Kent Federation celebrating 100 years of WI in Britain.

All WI's in West Kent were asked to  'do a turn' for this event held in the large hall at Ditton Kent. As usual Hollingbourne decided to put forward an 'Act'
Ably choreographed and coached over many months by our Mary Henderson - this was our team
plus of course many umbrellas  - and  our music was 'Singing in the Rain'
We practiced in the village hall, with a good line up
This is the finale.
Of course the actual event in Ditton saw us on the stage - and again - Don't we look good!
We were the opening Act.  - Umbrellas up- left and right
to the side, with a partner
Splashing in puddles
We all remembered the sequence of events - except Margaret's umbrella, which refused to close at 
a crucial moment. In the end she had to squash it closed with both hands, and kept it firmly under control in the closed position for the rest of the dance.

this was followed by sketches, poems, reminiscences,  etc ; LINE DANCING - Nashenden
The Swinging Sisters- Matfield - as you can see the bald heads were not WI Members, but WI husbands who had come along and really enjoyed the evening. 
Horsmonden -Four girls bright and beautiful looking for a Man-
One of these 4  very different 'girls' would appeal to any man surely?
At the end the  The Farleighs choir sang and we all joined in and sang Jerusalem and Land of Hope and Glory (coincidently it was the Last Night of the Proms) and we waved flags and the committee did a 'walk down' in a cross over pattern.

this was the event of the night.  The Farleighs - 4 ample ladies dressed in colourful victorian swimming costumes entertained us with crawl, backstroke, legs in the air, (one nearly drowned) 
It was so good and so funny that unfortunately I forgot to take pictures.

However - trolling the Internet I came across the photo below of 3 WI Presidents who took part in a Dry Synchronised swimming event earlier this month of 100 ladies, to celebrate the 100 years of WI
Jag Picknett of Bingley, Fiz Pimperton of Saltaire and Sara Mogford of Baildon.
Now you know NOT ALL WI LADIES have passed retirement age!

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