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Thursday, 11 June 2015


I wasn't reaally sure what I was in for when I signed up for this day class, though I had been told that we were to make a 'CUFF'

 We each chose a spool of wire and a bag of beads. Some people had brought their own beads,
 as I had - left over from the Bridesmaids dresses made last year.
 We then had to randomly slide all the beads on to the wire.
 THEN THE KNITTING!  Cast on , increase, but thankfully it was only plain knitting.
However - every other row we had to slip one of the beads up to the needle and knit it into the next stitch.   We were told to get up and walk around to decrease the tension in our shoulder and necks. 
Once we had done a few rows it got easier.

 and This was my final knitted cuff, before casting off.
We also had to make our own silver 'findings'  this was a home made hook and eye

You can just see them in the photo above.  Also the difference in the finished cuffs was amazing. - we each had 10  stitches in a row, but some knitted tightly and some loosely, and the colour of the wire and breads differed.  Each was unique  and we were very satisfied with our progress at the end of the day.

This was a necklace that the tutor had made earlier.
 She had also used the old fashion  knitting on a cotton real, making beautiful tubes of wire, some without beads.

and some with beads
Next winter I hope to persuade members of Hollingbourne WI 
to make their own Cuffs necklaces or earings.