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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Culpeper Embroidery - District visit

Northdowns District of the WI is situated  to the east of Maidstone and consists of 9 WI's. Yesterday we visited a historic embroidery which 'lives' in our District, at Hollingbourne Church.
Members from 6 institutes took a morning to have a private viewing and also to quietly  investigate the  Church itself which has items dating back to the 14th Century. 

The Needlework which is the size of an Altar cloth or bedspread,  is reputed to have been made by the daughters of Sir John 'Colpeper' during their father's absence abroad for 12 years with King Charles 11 - in the commonwealth period. 
The cherubs and plants  on the needlework are all applied, and it is known that devices such as these were sold loose in London for such a purpose.    It is a unique item of needlework and is stored safely in an air controlled case to avoid any deterioration.   It is not on general display and the Churchwarden will need to be contacted for a viewing.