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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

'The beautiful game' - Football for a Fiver

One of our members, Christine, is a Season Ticket holder  at Charlton Athletic and suggested a new
way to spend our Saturday(s) - Football for a Fiver - plus free transport in her car.
Christine, Rita, Janice, Mary and Val went along. (A new experience for some and rekindled memories for others)

 To ensure we really got into the spirit of things we made our own knitted hats and Rita went mad with her needles and completed a scarf as well.   We were welcomed by the Stewards and had to enjoy a Giant Burger before the football began.   The Programme gave all the details we needed to fully enjoy the match - as well as a mention of Hollingbourne WI's visit.

 We had good seats and the atmosphere was very friendly with a packed stadium of over 25,000 fans

There was terrific support for Charlton Athletic - lots of singing and shouting and applause for good play, which was good to see - a sign of family friendly ambiance which the club works hard to encourage.

 The result was a fantastic  3 - 0  WIN against Huddersfield

What a day - We were worn out with the shouting and singing at the end of it.   A Great day out, thank you Christine for taking us.