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Thursday, 19 March 2015

St.Patrick's Day & the McMannigan Dancers.

St Patrick's Day was well and truly celebrated by Hollingbourne WI this year. 
We were lucky enough to have McMannigan's Irish Dancers to get us in the mood. 
12 dancers whose energy and expert movements left us amazed.  Due to the speed of their dancing and twirling, the camera couldn't cope (so apologies for the blurring)

We saw them

from the front
 from the back

 Big ones
 and small ones
 a trio

and always in time, and together.  
Their trainer Nula McMannigan has danced with Michael Flatley, 
and some of our dancers had come 6th in world competition recently - we were so lucky to have them
you can find their website on
As you can see we decorated with Flags, balloons, and Bunting, and even wore Irish headgear .-
and the piece de resistance was 'Guiness cake' made by Val Williams.