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Wednesday, 5 December 2012


No  -  it's only 5th December, and we were visited by a three toed friend today -
A pheasant out for a morning stroll.
There has been so much to get involved in over the last couple of weeks. - Next year is the 95th Birthday of the WI in West Kent and we have been challenged to do lots of  "95's"-
 this one was to make 95 cup cakes - which we then sold at the Hollingbourne Christmas market.

We then had a fun evening of Darts with High Halstow and Bearsted Green WI's
 at The Sugar Loaves Pub  Hollingbourne.
We made Christmas Wreaths. - Sarah in the middle, is a very smiley person usually, but  whenever the Camera appears she is as determined to be serious, and not smile -  Next time we must think of something funny to say at the appropriate time.
We took a trip to Stalephurst nurseries to see their Poinsettias which are fantastic at this time of year. 
A visit to Dobbies in Ashford was also available with a Cream tea to make it really worthwhile.
The District Carol Service at Holy Cross Bearsted drew members from our 9 local WI's and a chance to meet old friends and hear the Christmas story once again.

Tuesday 11th December is our Christmas Party, and we would love to see you there so please ring 01622880433 to make arrangements - Bring with you - one Christmas card, and a 8 inch table decoration for the competition,  your  beverage of choice, and we will provide the food and the fun.

                           Happy Christmas

Just one more thing  -  when ever our advertising notices appear and say 'OPEN TO ALL'  - that is exactly what we mean - male, female, children  and or aliens - see you there.