- 18th September - 8:00pm : ‘The Abel Label’ - By Katie Ellis.
- 16th October - 8:00pm : ‘Fire Safety in Your Home’ - By Melanie Quinn.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

HAPPY CHRISTMAS .... with lots of laughter

LADIES OF LAUGHTER - was the name of the morning that 5 members attended in Bearsted on 8th December. -  Laughter releases endorphins (what are they?), inhibitions (wow can't wait) and a lot else besides.   The workshop showed us how it increases internal jogging and helps to boost the immune system whilst reducing stress and tension.  We practiced eye contact, pretend laughing and silly singing. The message is that laughter is good for you - even fake laughter - 
and surprise surprise  'Women smile more than men'
As an outsider this picture tells me -

1   Joyce was trying 'pretend laughing',
2   Mary was doing  'internal and external jogging',
3   The Ho Ho HO's in the middle were the tutors  and are wearing the wrong socks.
4   Janice had released her endorphins - and is looking slimmer as a result.
5   Val is about the start 'silly singing' and
6    Jane's inhibitions were slowly dissolving.

It is just as well it only lasted a few hours or the ramifications could have been catastophic.

Our Christmas Party on the other hand was a much more sedate affair - though as you can see the bottles were on hand to ensure a good time. We had  a delicious meal of shepherds pie and roasted vegetables with a choice of sweets,  and a few husbands volunteered (maybe that's not the correct word) to do the washing up. A lovely evening with guests from other WI's -  our physical exercise was a progression dance ( where some did not progress), and we finished off with a selection of carols to exercise our lungs.

On  January 15th 2013,   the Boxley Handbells will be entertaining and encouraging us to 'have a go',  so come along and join in. The meeting starts at 7.30 with the Bells at 8.15. See you then.