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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Morrisons Supermarket,Sutton Road, Maidstone

Northdowns District (that's the 9 Wi's to the east of Maidstone) had a visit to our Local Morrisons Supermarket in April.

What a treat! - two management trainees started by giving us the background on the staff, the ethos, the supply chain, and answered all our questions - They knew everything and were so enthusiastic. and we hope they will soon move on up the career ladder to full management.

The Fish department
The Bakery - it was in Easter Week, so Hot Cross Buns were flying out by the oven load.
The Jam doughnuts were filled two at a time.
There was so much to see including the 'back room' stores where fork lifts moved pallets around and the Manager knew where everything belonged - and how long it had been there.
The trip certainly gave confidence in the produce and encouraged us to shop there.

NOTE In Hollingbourne there is more than one bus a day to Maidstone, going via Morrisons -Catch it about 9.30 am - do your shopping and return around - of course if you have a bus pass your trip will be free. - DONT FORGET - USE IT OR LOSE IT!