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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Bus- The WI - Renaissance Crafts

Our PresidentVal Williams is one to ' kill as many birds with one stone' as she can... So
having made sure that each member of Hollingbourne WI now has a Brooch/Badge to wear - as below

She devised a reason for us to Wear it -

By using the Free Bus Service (Pensioners) from Hollingbourne to Maidstone and back

Visit Renaissance Crafts in Starnes Court for a session of China Painting

and see the results displayed in April at the WI Meeting, including a Commemorative Plate for the Royal Wedding. (there were those who were too modest to show the finished article)

Our task for the future is to wear our Brooches with pride, especially on the First Tuesday of each month, and should someone mention the Brooch we will tell them all about Hollingbourne WI and invite them to come along to one of our interesting and friendly meetings.