- 18th September - 8:00pm : ‘The Abel Label’ - By Katie Ellis.
- 16th October - 8:00pm : ‘Fire Safety in Your Home’ - By Melanie Quinn.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

WI Meeting -18th January 2011

After our Information session - at 8.15pm

Mary Henderson is to lead us in ' Keep Fit for all' Mary asks us to wear something comfortable and easy to move in. We will do easy movements where everyone works to their own ability, with music. Bring a scarf, either long or square, as we will introduce working with a scarf which helps you to move to a further extension of the body as well as being fun. It will not be too difficult and you can even do it sitting down. At the end of the session you should feel the benefit of movement and learn something you can carry on doing at home.

Our January Competition will be to design (not make) an Olympic Pennant for an Athlete competing in the 2012 Games. It is not possible to use any of the Olympic Logos in the design but it could depict sporting activities or perhaps something unique to the maker.Pennants can be any shape or design using any textile media. The basic shape is 12" by 16".
The winning design will then be made by a group of members in the next few months.
The finished one will be on display at our July 2011 meeting and submitted immediately afterwards to the organisers.
More information is to be found on