- 18th September - 8:00pm : ‘The Abel Label’ - By Katie Ellis.
- 16th October - 8:00pm : ‘Fire Safety in Your Home’ - By Melanie Quinn.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Safari Market 2014 - New Pop Up stalls

Our 6th Year and around 45 sites, with lots of new stall holders popping up. 
Two prizes this year, 
1.   - Lucky Map was won by Mr & Mrs Ballard of Roseacre Lane Bearsted.

2. -  The people who won the prize for the most stalls  visited, were Mr & Mrs Strover of Ashford.
On fact 17 people visited all the stalls and handed in their answer paper
and the Lucky winner was drawn from these 17.

Having lived in the village for nearly 30 years, I had never visited  this house before.

 This leafy garden is right on the main road through Hollingbourne!

 The Ralph grandchildren  had decided it was time to  'cash in'  on their toys.
 Kim - deciding whether to carry on selling, or just dump it all in the skip
 Detling WI CAKE STALL was new this year and a great success, it was completely full to overflowing at the start, and at 11.30 all but sold out - lets hope  they will be with us next year. 
 Teas and Coffees flowed all day, - with of course the hot bacon and sausage rolls in great demand

 The Bellringers had a stall to make money for a new Hollingbourne Church bell. 
Bill was practicing for the RIDE AND STRIDE - on 13th September - see the yellow notice in the background  - a' round the parishes' sponsored walk and bike ride.
 Another new spot, with plenty of exercise equipment, and a  wood shredder for sale. 

We all know that some peoples' trash becomes other peoples treasure trove. This stall however was  a 'cut above' with classical  and Operatic C.D's  & DVD's all set out in an easily accessed way.  

Walking from the playing field to the church was a country  stroll through the woods. 
There were UGLY things to see - with two and one eyed mini monsters and all kinds of cuddly and original  things on the stall on Muskett Green. 
and finally a most beautiful stall, with streamers flying high above it, to entice buyers in . 

All in all a most enjoyable, successful and busy day.   The Playing field was packed with  far more cars than in other years, and we thank  Alan Smedley  of The Meadows Trust who ably assisted with the parking.  All morning,   we could see the happy buyers walking up and down the village, clutching large bags of 'goodies' 
 Thank you all for coming -  without you there would be no safari.    
See you next year!!