- 19th June - 8:00pm : ‘Curator of Leeds Castle’ - By Annie Kemkaran-Smith.
- 23rd June - 5:00pm : W.I. Mid Summer Picnic in the Meadows.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Ascot Races and Michael Portillo - all in one week.

Ascot race course was the venue for 500 WI presidents recently - (actually 1000 as there were 2 days of 500 each)  This was just in the South of England, and other parts of the country were hosted in other top spots.
Hollingbourne's joint presidents Ria Moon and Val Williams went along and of course a major talking point was the food provided - Posh sandwiches.

The background of this picture has an advert for tote betting, so maybe they had a flutter, who knows?
The sign says 'do not sit on this statue'   - Rita  had just dismounted  luckily, and appears to be feeding it as a reward. for loyal service, and not being bucked off  (Apologies, when I manage to move this picture 90 degrees you will be able to see it properly)

The purpose of the day(s) was to review all aspects of managing our WI and spoke of new initiatives in IT training. They  were introduced to all the Board of Executives of the National Federation of Women's Institutes, and told of plans for the 100th Anniversary of WI in England. This is to be in 2015.
 (2015 is also the Anniversary of 90 years of WI in Hollingbourne.  Watch this space in the next 18 months, for our own celeb rations)
                        - - - - - - - - -
A few days later West Kent Federation held it's AGM in Tunbridge Wells Assemby Rooms, and three of our members were there, including our delegate, Jean Talboys.   It gave us an update of affairs  financial and general in West Kent, with Hollingbourne being mentioned.   
The mental capacity of Val Williams and Rita Moon has gone up in our estimation as they won First and Runner up prizes in the Written Quiz that has been circulating for several months
The Gift Box that Hollingbourne donated was snapped up quickly for £10. It contained a Kit for a Japanese Patchwork cushion provided by Margaret Weaver. 
Our first speaker was Joy Kemp who gave a comprehensive background to Midwifery in Britain and abroad in support of our recent resoslution regarding the necessary increase in Midwives in this country.

Then finally Michael Portillo  -
A charming man, with who came resplendant in one of his famous coloured jackets.- and advised us that he had two new ones awaiting him at the tailors.   He told us of his career and  the workings of Westminster with some anecdotes of MP's. He was not afraid to answer difficult questions and
finally -
This is the picture you have been waiting for -
A picture of MICHAEL PORTILLO'S leg.
Presumably the brown boot, slim trouser and  pink jacket.   The story goes that Hilary had chatted to him about childhood friends they had in common, but the platform was high and Hilary is short, and  the photographer made a boob!
We always have excellent speakers at these events and he was no exception.