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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A SUNNY !!! afternoon on the Northdowns

30 Members of Northdowns District WI's  got together for a Craft afternooon ON the North Downs.

 We were at 'This Art of Mine' a local Art and Craft Centre for Adults and Children.  We chose a blank Pot/ vase/ teapot/ egg cup/ cruet / chicken/ pig - even a  Dr. Who Tardis  and decorated it with paint applied by brush, sponge, rubber stamp, pen, pencil etc.
 Kate  Blacker the Tutor  (on the left) gave individual tuition and tips to achieve a good result
Not only did we create a masterpiece, we ate strawberries and cream and drank Pimms.

Outside a pen full of Chickens, Ducks, Geese and Turkeys  crowed, quacked,  hooted and gobbled at us. The Really Smelly Flower Company also operates from the same site, and we checked on the field full of Peonies and Roses which had been growing (slowly) this year - There is a Flower Open day on 15th June and with the sun we have had this week, they should be a fantastic sight by then.
To find out more about this operation - ;  Blacker and  - The really smelly flower company

OVERHEARD during the afternoon

Val (looking out of the window) "What a lovely spot"
Sue ( having been painting spots on her vase for an hour or so )-  "Which one"

We left our afternoon's work with Kate, Gemma and her other staff who glazed and  fired it.

A selection of work by Hollingbourne Members.