- 20th February - 8:00pm : Welcome to KIMS Hospital - By Louisa Coomber.
- 20th March - 8:00pm : Hollingbourne Meadows Trust - By Shaun Cardwell & Ben Williams.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

ACCROCHEZ UN CANARD (Hook a Duck or 3)

This Year's Village Fete has an Anglo French feel being opened by the Mayor of Templeuve the Twin of Hollingbourne.  Accordingly our Stall Accrochez un Canard will display this year's emblem - Our Duck with his Beret, baguette and moustache.
To win a badge you must hook a duck with numbers ending in 3 or 8. The one with the highest total score for their three ducks will win a Fantastic Family Gateau.   See you there on 15th June! Au revoir.