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Monday, 12 November 2012

Fabric Fir Cones.

Last Christmas  at one of our 'crafty' sessions we made cards , this year we tried fabric fir cones.
everyone was successful and many decided to make more to adorn this year's Christmas tree. Sarah was even on her way to pick up a Christmas tree she had found on the internet, so she will at least have one decoration for it.  - By the Way Val did NOT make two, she was displaying one that Joyce had made.

These were the prototypes -  made after checking various internet sites.   Each cone requires around 50 triangles of fabric, numerous pins and some ribbon to hang them.  The silver and red one was made using  one inch ribbon only, and the others using two inch squares of Christmas fabric.  We now have 9 months to think of the craft for Christmas 2013.
We are having a Christmas wreath making session on 2nd December if you want to join us  - see you there.