- 19th June - 8:00pm : ‘Curator of Leeds Castle’ - By Annie Kemkaran-Smith.
- 23rd June - 5:00pm : W.I. Mid Summer Picnic in the Meadows.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


In July we were lucky to have Mrs YOKO PAGE  to introduce us to the art of ORIGAMI.
A native of Japan she said she had not learned it in school, it was something that is picked up from the age of 3 or 4 from mothers and grandmothers and friends. 
She also finds charity shops a great place to discover Origami Books

Two local PCSO's called in  (you never know who is going to turn  up at our meetings)
and joined in the folding.  At one point all of us made a folded paper cup.  She filled hers with water to demonstrate its capabilities.  She also produced a Large cup, which quickly became the new uniform hat for the PCSO.

Although scissors are not  usually involved, this large shrimp would not have been perfect without his whiskers.
Flat sheets of paper became storks, nuns, penguins, boxes, and flowers - just like magic in her hands.
Yoko is a member of the WI in the East Kent Federation and had given many talks before coming to us.  She says she always carries origami paper in her handbag - it is useful for diverting children when they are being difficult.  We hope we were not too difficult!