- 18th September - 8:00pm : ‘The Abel Label’ - By Katie Ellis.
- 16th October - 8:00pm : ‘Fire Safety in Your Home’ - By Melanie Quinn.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

An invitation from Penny Johnson

The majority of our members accepted Penny's invitation to a strawberry tea and a walk in her garden in June.   Instead of having to do the 'waiting' - we were 'waited upon,  by Penny and Hilary, and the rain stopped for once,  long enough to explore. 
It also gave us a chance to look at the many paintings and curiosities Penny has.  Having a great interest in Egyptology she explained one of the papyrus tomb pictures she has - including the heiroglyphics- it seemed so clear to her, but still double dutch to us. 

A lovely way to spend time together.