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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Denman November 2011

Short courses on an incredible number of subject continue throughout the year at the

WI Residential College in Marcham near Abingdon
One last week was Fabric Jewellery. Here cloth was cut, moulded & shaped with glue and became an unusual necklace

An outstanding design which sells in 'posh' craft shops at over £100. was also completed by students - some from West Kent.

Margaret Weaver from Hollingbourne had enrolled on a 'Pen Line and Wash' watercolour course,

The Tutor Wendy Jelbert, dashed off incredible picture in next to no time

and expected her students to do the same!!

You will find her on the internet demonstrating these skills.

Weeds at the side of a lake with Cobwebs. - here we learned to use the masking ink to stop background paint from running into the cobwebs.

White Daisies - which had a lot of other colours than white. We learned to use waterproof and water soluble pens and also soluble pencils - as well as watercolour paint and watercolour inks.

A Chicken and Cockrell were most people's favourite, using masking ink for the wire netting and being daring in our choice of colour on the cockrell.

Even those who had used watercolour before, learned new techniques, and as usual the whole 'Denman' experience is not to be missed. The food, while good before, is now extremely scrumptious with the evening meals being waiter served.

Try it yourself -you won't be disappointed.