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Thursday, 18 August 2011

August 2011 - A Railway Rendezvous and a Local Lunch

We had all heard of the Romney Hythe and Dymchurch Railway, but most of us had never been on it, so off we set for a Toy train ride through the countryside from Hythe to Dungeness. We chose a carriage with no windows and certainly enjoyed the fresh air on the way, though the smuts from the steam engine boiler did get in the eyes. There were so many passengers that more coaches were added, and people jumped on and off at the various stations.At Dungeness there was the New Light House to see, and a walk out to the edge of the sea where people were fishing, and the sea was a lovely greeny blue with white heads on the waves, and the sun shone.
The Power station and Old Light house could be visited, but we had another agenda
A delicious lunch of Fish and Chips. - certain members also managed large portions of pudding of various kind. We just had time to view a local art exhibition and then we were back on the train. It is run on a 15 inch guague and there are lots of different engines that pull the trains, some steam and some diesel.


Earlier the same week a member invited us to her private oasis, next to the Bourne, in Hollingbourne. We had a picnic lunch - it was idilic, and it was so good to have Sue Weightman with us after a long absence.
The cows, moorhens, cootes and fish leisurely went about their business and took no notice of us.
What more could you want on a summer's day.