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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Pancakes - Sunshshine- and TV coverage

We were blessed with Sunshine for our Pancake race on 8th March 2011. This lineup shows the heat winners in the Final GRAND FINALE. The winner on the Right wearing WHITE was from Lenham WI. - The one on the left wishes to advise all that he is not a WI member, but had won the men's race!

There were those who adopted a LAID BACK attitude - despite being filmed by the TV Crew from Meridian (we all watched carefully and about 6.2o pm were rewarded with TV coverage.)
Pancakes reached great heights - though did not always stay in one piece
You can see the great speeds attained - why is Pancake racing NOT in the Olympic games?
There were races for all - This was the walking race - 4 pancakes in the air at once!
No one was left out, and this is the Men's race- Three are proceeding in the correct direction, whereas one who shall not be named had decided to take an alternate route.
A Great Event - we hope to repeat it next year, though with Easter much earlier we shall have to wear our Thermals to complete.