- 16th January - 8:00pm : The Anouka Chronicles - A Contemporary Narnia - By Philippa Joyner.
- 20th February - 8:00pm : Welcome to KIMS Hospital - By Louisa Coomber.

Friday, 18 February 2011

February and March Speakers.

March 15th - OLD MAIDSTONE.
Come along and meet Andrew Clarke who will give his powerpoint presentation of Old Maidstone - there may be places you have long forgotten. Bring with you a picture of Old Maidstone for the Competition.
Market Buildings here looks very impressive in a photo, maybe we don't even look at our town when we are walking through it.


Derek Hodges the well known Auctioneer gave a very interesting talk on his job in the South East of England, explaining how the Internet has brought in a new way of publicising the auctions. He named no names, but some of his experiences would have made a good Film or TV show. He also brought with him his Teddy Bear and Dinky Toy, neither of which are now TOYS, but 'investments'.