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Friday, 1 October 2010

DENMAN COLLEGE West Kent WI September 2010

DENMAN COLLEGE is the W.I's own Residential College near Abingdon. It runs all kind of courses throughout the year using the best tutors available from around the country. The courses run from one day to five days, are intensive, and anyone -member or not, can book a course and receive, tuition, full meals, ensuite accomodation and friendship from others who are also there to learn. This can be done on an individual basis, or Counties can book the whole college for themselves for a period. This September West Kent were here for four days. We had a choice of 6 courses which we had to book in advance , and had Coach transport to and from Kent.

The House is a beautiful classical style set in lovely grounds.
Each course will have a volunteer Hostesses - in this case Chris Klempau and Mary Clarke from West Kent, who smoothed away any problems that might occur, and gave us our room pass keys, name tags and room destinations

Inside there is a wonderful staircase in this lovely country house

and outside across the grass is the state of the art teaching centre.

The grounds are well tended and a delight with flowers and trees which must have been here for many many years.

The entrance hall is big enough to sit and relax in.

This plant had us all spellbound, and the gardener was asked many times for its name

Those undertaking the Great British Baking Course must have thought they had gone to Kitchen Heaven. Not only did they have their own 'cook station' with, fridge, cooker, hob, microwave, knives, chopping boards etc, but - like a TV chef - the ingredients came ready measured! Admittedly sinks and washing up had to be shared one between two, but is not much of an imposition. There were hands on sessions for soups, meat dishes, desserts, cakes and pasties and there was also a freezing facility to freeze the cooked items to take home.
Sneaking in to take photographs, the Chelsea buns and scones were already in bags, and by the way, you are never to old to learn. The oldest lady on this course was 90! She said she did learn a lot, but might not do it all when she got home!
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